July 16, 2018

Our Sports & Social event for July 2018 was a kayaking tour of the River Shannon followed by a Hawaiian themed BBQ!

Thanks to the team at GetWest for a the insightful historical water tour of the city.

The Clayton Hotel provided the perfect backdrop for a balmy summers e...

April 27, 2018

 The original entrance door to the west wing of St. Munchins College, Limerick. (above)

Sketch design for the new entrance door - glass and wood. (above)

Architectural drawing of the new front door - seamless glass surround with solid iroko timber portal; iroko door...

November 29, 2017

European Architectural Medals for the Best Diploma Projects(EAM BDP) is an annual

European competition that awards excellence in crossing the threshold from education to profession.The aims of the European Architectural Medals for the Best Diploma Projects competition a...