JFK Primary School - Irish Architecture Award

- Irish Architecture Award


This two-storey courtyard junior school building is located in the grounds of the local catholic church, an architecturally important building designed by Liam McCormack in 1951. In considering the design of the school building and its location on the site we have taken the intentions of the Liam McCormack design and have organised the school building in such a way that it is both respectful and compliments the nature of the protected structure. The suite is located in a residential area of Limerick City and is fronted by two roads to the North and the South of the site.


The location of the school was also determined by the existing school building before it was demolished. The main entrance of the school over looks the green spaces to the front of the church and the pedestrian route through the site has been relocated to run between the school and the church buildings, thereby giving the existing open spaces a strong civic quality.


The design of the school works to orientate the classrooms to an easterly or southern direction. The use of the existing site levels also permits the large volume associated with the multipurpose area to fir comfortably within the building form. The timber clad library has been used to serve as the main organising volume at the entrance of the school and in establishing a formal relationship to the church and associated open space.