A new school campus for 1000 pupils, set in the context of the adjoining midwestern regional orthopaedic hospital, the architecture of the school buildings responded directly to the site’s unique opportunities and challenges within a fresh new landscaping plan. The now completed extensive campus amenity is a first class facility for a school that champions a sporting focus, the recently completed buildings; a state of the art environment for educational delivery.

The outlying sports fields featured centrally in optimising the site’s design potential in the context of vehicular management, car-parking; student drop-off; bus movement; ambulant circulation requirements and mixed mode transports accessing the school site from nearby Croom Village.

The school footprint is laid out in a slender section format responding optimally to environmental conditions. East and west wings benefit from a north-south axis across the central courtyards, affording light and natural ventilation to all internal spaces used by staff and students. All internal spaces are well lit and acoustically optimal. The larger external and internal civic gathering spaces benefit from an appropriate and impressive gravitas of scale.