Public Works Contract for Minor Building & Civil Engineering Works Designed by the Employer.

The brief for the building was to develop functional accommodation that could be used by a cross section of the community and to be probably managed by one entity.


The chosen site commands a prominent position, overlooking the River Fergus, the riverside walk, car park area and the existing road network. 


The building design developed works to create a solution which achieves good views from the building, particularly towards the river and over the car park area.


The building plan is organised so that the main social areas are orientated towards the river and car park, allowing access to social terrace areas and taking advantage of the southern orientation. The education spaces and building services are organised towards the back of the building and enjoy a direct relationship with the main circulation space.


The overall appearance of the building is modern and is of three distinct elements.  The first is the plinth on which the building sites and contains the terraces and entrance courtyard elements. The main double height building volume is the social & admin area and used transparent elements and timber as a natural material to achieve a lightweight and airy ambience within the building.  The extent of glazing in this volume allows the space to benefit for natural daylight for as much of the day as is possible over the course of the year. The lower volume to the rear contains building services and education spaces and is masonry in finish.


Project was developed in conjunction with Clare Youth Services and Ennis Town Council for the provision of a building to accommodate social activities and development for teenagers.  The project development also incorporated elements such as further education, counselling & discussion programmes and peer management strategies. The completed project reflects these requirements and allows a number of varying functions to occur with the building.