The project involved the construction of a new golf clubhouse to replace the existing clubhouse which had been constructed in the 1960’s. The site selection for the new building took the opportunity to establish a strong relationship with the course by being located at the 1st tee and 18th green as well as commanding views over the golf course and towards Limerick City.


The design of the building looked at placing all service spaces such as changing facilities, showers and golf equipment store to the lower level and all social activity spaces such as restaurant, lounge bars and terraces to the upper level.


The main lounge and restaurant are organised to overlook the course to the west and take advantage of the afternoon and evening light with the main terrace to overlook the 18th green to the north, organised to the side of the building to avoid over shadowing.


The architectural approach looked at creating strong horizontal lines in setting the building into the landscape and to use earth mounding around the perimeter to reduce the scale of the building and convey a single storey expression in the landscape.