The site, located adjacent to the Groody River, offers the opportunity for a gateway building on the entrance to Limerick City. The development proposes 6 bulky goods retail units on the ground floor.  Underneath a portion of this ground floor it is proposed to accommodate a semi-underground car park. 

The main body of the development is the proposed 9 storey mixed use building.  This building is expected to accommodate a budget hotel on levels 2, 3, 4 and 5, and offices on the levels above that.  This tower, located over retail unit no 1, is currently located to achieve a gateway status building. 

It was felt that the articulation of the façade of this building should be to a very high quality.  We believe in the design development that the articulation of the façade has delivered a building which will offer a credible solution for the development of this site. 

The selection of materials proposed on the façade include terracotta ceramic panels, curtain walling, yellow brick, Techrete, etc.  The high quality finishes will ensure that the building is read as being one of high quality and appropriate scale in the context of its immediate surroundings.  It will serve to act as the start of the City, having crossed over the Groody Valley Green Wedge and deliver on the banner of it being a gateway building into the city.