The design is aiming to give the appearance of a relatively big school a scale, adequate to the students in there school life period

The building encircled with distinctly shaped wings and large overhanging roofs in a U-shape, an outdoor space for students in their breaks and spare time, but avoiding the feeling of being locked up.

The central placed transparent entrance with his sculptured canopy is inviting to enter the double height entrance hall with the integrated general purpose area.

This school region is creating the feeling of openness and freedom, with the opportunities to be used as a canteen, to meet, organise events in possible conjunction with the neighbouring music room.

A common area for students and teachers.

The extension of this common space with his generous glazing front and a extra large roof overhang, over a outdoor terrace is a strong connecting element between inside and outside, with direct contact to the sports ground

Clear building shapes, readable location arrangements for different teaching facilities and sport activity’s, visible made construction elements, distinct developed details, choice of materials and reserved colour scheme creating the concept for a boy’s school.

Daylight in connection with a view from inside to the outside in all areas is a vital element and a main design criteria, to avoid the feeling of being closed in.

This concept is attempting to create a friendly and human learning environment for students and a good “workspace” for teachers.